Watchmen:To Binge Or Not To Binge?

Sundays episode was excellent. I must have watched it 3 times already to catch everything I missed the first 2 times I watched it. If you are a fan of the source material seeing the debut of Laurie Blake(Juspezcyk) was such a pleasure to see. Thank you for that, Damon. And of course the best shows leave you wanting more.

I mean like right now. Where's my 5 seconds til next episode HBO??

Watchmen at this point doesn't have the fandom of a Game of Thrones or the technical obsessives along the lines of a Mr. Robot. Will it get there? Who knows. What it does have though is enough elements in its world building to make you jones for more which brings me to the question of would this show be just as pleasurable watching it in a binge-able format ala Netflix or Amazon Prime where if we got all 9 episodes dropped all at once are we as an audience sitting in the same boat as hungry versus if we were fed the steak week to week? I'll make the argument that certainly it would be because you get the narrative all in one sitting. You get the work as a whole and YOU make the decision how you want to watch it. Book stores don't sell books by the chapter week to week so why would this be any different? Certainly we get a complete understanding of the plot and not check out after an episode just because we don't understand it completely. Waiting a week for something I don't understand doesn't even sound fun so why would I waste my time continuing?

But look a what we would be losing if we had it that way?

This show can bring back water cooler moments that we thought were certainly over after Game Of Thrones ended. That show started off small but built its audience over time to become a mammoth of a show but it's biggest asset was the fact that after that hour was over you could sit back and talk to your mate about the episode and speculate to your heart's content. You couldn't wait to go to work the next morning to get your co-workers theory on things that happen during the episode and where it could go next week. You can't buy that type of hype and anticipation binge watching. Watchmen has the potential to be that show because the world it's building can go so many ways. I don't care what Damon Lindelof says about making this season standalone and the fact that it might not be another one that he would be willing to do. He has created(continued) a world where the world building possibilities across this alternate United States are endless! If we get more smart and ferocious characters like Angela and Laurie than this thing can last years and build like Game Of Thrones did in each installment. Week to week episodes certainly for me have built anticipation for the next and I've throughly enjoyed chatting on social media, Reddit and in the office here about what the heck is Adrian doing, who killed Judd and when is Dr. Manhattan going to show himself?

Watchmen is special because we have not seen a show like this before in the way it is being presented(again those who have dropped out after the first episode you are missing out!). The level of detail and care put into the show even down to it's world building in newspaper clippings is astounding! So can Watchmen be just as pleasurable binging vs. week to week watching? I vote no because the topic of conversation lasts longer keeping it in this format and binging weakens its position in letting things about the show "just settle in" because you are already on to the next episode. It was not written to be binged and although watching 3 episodes back to back may give you a better understanding really the only reason why you may have done that is because you are either catching up or you may just REALLY LIKE THIS SHOW THAT MUCH!

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