In Taking Spidey Away From The MCU, Sony Can’t POSSIBLY Be That Stupid, Right? RIGHT??

So it came down today that apparently Sony Pictures and Disney cant come to a financial agreement over the future of Spider-Man in the MCU. Oh, boy.

Well as much as we loved you, Spidey, mixing it up with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, its been nice knowing ya! Maybe Sony can get Tom Holland to do a dance in the next movie to pay homage to Tobey McGuire’s Peter Parker from Spider-Man 3. Or maybe we can just start all over and find out how Uncle Ben died in the next movie reboot! Or maybe we can see how that Sinister Six movie happen with Paul Giamatti as the Rhino!(There actually should of been more of him in that movie but i digress) Bring Andrew Garfield back! You guys sure knew what you were doing before the MCU. We’re so excited to see what you have in store next go round!


This is a clusterfuck. But relax, People. We here at Nerdcyclopedia have every reason to believe that this is just a negotiating ploy by Disney to get the public on their side to get more money from future Spider-Man movies. This is no different than a rookie QB coming to the end of his agreement after saving the franchise with lots of wins and simply wanting what he’s worth because of what he brings to the table. Who can blame Marvel Studio? Look what they brought to the table! They literally brought Spider-Man back from the dead after Sony didn’t know how to proceed with him after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fiasco. What’s confusing is how does Sony figure that any of it characters from their “Spider-Verse” work to create character narratives that are strong enough to compete with Marvel? After Venom?? Not sure how that movie was as successful as it was but clearly Sony has someone filling their head with gas. Maybe Goblin gas. Warner Bros can't even figure out how to affectively use their DC characters to create a cohesive cinematic universe when Marvel literally GAVE THEM THE PLAYBOOK so how does Sony think the can do the same WITHOUT Marvel? Goblin gas, People!

Spider-Man:Far From Home was greatness. There are so many threads in that movie that can be built into the future MCU it’s so much fun to think about. JJJ not only being a foil for Spider-Man but damn near a foil for MCU heroes period is exciting. Peter having to mature into the potential Iron Man like hero we want him to be is exciting. But now that’s up in flames. Or so we think. The Hollywood Reporter has an article talking about how will the Marvel Universe move on without Spider-Man? Uh, excuse me isn’t the better question how will Sony be able to make a competent Spider-Man movie without Kevin Feige?? Wasn't the MCU hyper successful EVEN BEFORE Spider-Man got involved? Avi Arad must be dancing a jig right now.

As of right now the two companies are at a standstill. There will be many that report that this is a done deal but when big money like this is involved sides usually always come to an agreement because there is too much money to be made. Fan backlash at this moment is at a fever pitch. How do we know this? Because Sony CANNOT POSSIBLY BE THAT STUPID, RIGHT? RIGHT???

Sony give Disney what they want. For Pete’s and Spidey‘s sake.

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