Game Of Thrones At It's Finest! Season 8, Episode 3 recap

Oh my goodness!!  Look, i’m going to do a recap below, but people are insane about spoilers, like look.  IMO, if you don’t want to be spoiled on a TV show, you should be careful about what you read and watch… In this article i’m going to talk about this episode.

Just a heads up, there’s a guy at my work named Matt.  He’s actually just watching recaps and then watching live.  Matt, if you’re reading this, seriously go back and watch Game of Thrones.  It’s pretty much one long 70 hour story, and watching the end of it isn’t smart.  You’re’ a smart guy, Matt!

Anyway as for the non-spoiler review:

I liked it.





Ok, So I thought the episode was awesome.  Like seriously, it was like an hour and a half of pure dread. Really this episode felt like a writ large Resident Evil game.  Survival horror at its finest. Now I’ve seen some reviews that have expressed dissatisfaction, and i’m here to tell you that those reviews are wrong.  (especially the companion piece by my Podcast Partner Sam, which you can check here if you like reading someone who’s wrong.)

I think that there were stupid things done by “our heroes.”  The charge of the Dothraki torchlight brigade seemed kind of silly, i mean sending them at the Army of Zombies and not having them peel off or try to draw away some of the forces was dumb.  

If I’m being honest though, having the Red Woman light all their swords on fire before sending them hurtling into the night (which was in fact full of terrors.) and then to their demise was an amazing visual.  I am very grateful that they spent the money to make that look superb. The shot of them from Jon and Dani’s viewpoint was excellent, and the artistic way they saved money by having the torches, and lives extinguished in the distant and terrifying conflict drove home the inevitability and horror of facing your demise.

The artistic flourish here, and in several other places, makes The Long Night one of the greatest spectacles of action ever been created.  

I think that a lot of the complaints that i see about this episode boil down to a simple technical fact.  An episode like this, shot in 4K HDR ultra photorealistic beauty cannot be appreciated in inferior resolutions.  Everything looks like a blur. I am confident that after my second viewing, I will be even more happy with the result.

Having Arya and Bran be the team that brings down the Night King, and by extension his army, was narratively proper.  The entire run of the show began with the events that hurled Bran and Arya away from Winterfell and propelled them toward their destinies.  Bran was quite literally shoved onto this path by Jamie Lannister. Ned Stark, in choosing to bring his daughter to court, and having her instructed in the martial arts, set her on a path to be the savior of the Living.  

Now, after a miraculous and pyrrhic victory, the forces of the Dragon Queen have been decimated.  Cercei Lannister, seems like the smartest person in the room!! She was able to strengthen her position, and obtain an Army that evens the score.

20,000 Golden MErcenaries Vs Dragons and ARYA STARK THE VANQUISHER OF THE NIGHT KING!!  WHO YA GOT!!!!


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